Skin by John Robert Powers



Did you know that in some Asian countries like Korea and Japan, girls start their skin care routine as early as nine years old?  No wonder their skin looks flawless in their 20s! One thing you must always remember when it comes to your skin: There’s no such thing as “too early” for a beauty routine.  Read on and start yours in four easy steps. 


1. Cleanse.

Start and end the day with a clean face. Choose a mild yet effective facial wash that works best for your skin’s needs. Finding the perfect facial wash for your skin is a long and hard journey, but it’s worth the trial-and-error process once you discover the best fit for your skin, promise!


2. Hydrate. 

Drinking lots of water should be on top of your beauty priorities; but with all the harsh elements in the environment that cause blemishes and dry skin, it won’t hurt to go a little extra for your skin.  Get a daytime toner like Hydrating Toner by SKIN by John Robert Powers—a milky toner that cleanses and hydrates dry skin.  It contains Mulberry and Green Tea leaf extracts for a youthful, blemish-free glow.


3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

You’ve heard this a hundred times before and we’re saying it again: Ladies, you need to moisturize and protect your skin from the sun every day.  Some girls are too lazy to apply day creams because they don’t like the sticky and heavy feeling of creams on their face. Tip: Try Soothing Day Dream (with SPF15) of SKIN by John Robert Powers. It’s an easy-absorbing, light cream (No sticky feeling, we swear!), which moisturizes the skin and protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays that cause dark spots, sunburn, and wrinkles. Definitely a multitasking beauty must-have! 


4. Start a pre-bedtime beauty drill. 

Don’t overwhelm yourself with serums and other anti-aging creams yet. Go light and easy by using a cleansing toner and night cream.  Keep in mind that you need a more hardworking beauty squad in the evening after a long day from school or at work.  Use the Clarifying Toner by SKIN by John Robert Powers—formulated with Witch Hazel Water Extract for intense cleansing and instant nourishment to tighten pores and eliminate excess sebum for a matte, oil-free effect.  Cap off the night with deep-absorbing Rejuvenating Night Cream to help moisturize the skin.  It has Shea Butter and Glycerin for a more supple and radiant skin. 


It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin! Get your SKIN by John Robert Powers toners and creams for an early dose of power glam team for your skin.  




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