Skin by John Robert Powers


 (Photo Credit: John Robert Powers Philippines)

Determining your skin type and which products suit you best pave the way for healthy and vibrant skin. The most important part of your beauty routine should be skincare. Smooth, supple and healthy skin makes for a superb canvas. Go beyond the usual wash, exfoliate, tone and moisturize routine and get the most out of your skincare when you target problem areas. Here's a quick and easy guide to get you started:

Normal Skin

Normal skin looks consistently plump, moist and vibrant. What a great blessing but it still requires no less attention than other skin types. It benefits from regular cleansing, toning and  moisturizing.

Dry Skin

Caused by inactive oil glands that do not produce enough sebum to keep the skin naturally lubricated. It usually has a dull appearance and leaves skin feeling dry and itchy as it is sometimes sensitive. Dry skin must be hydrated regularly from the inside (with fresh water) and outside with (mists), as well as moisturized with rich hydrating creams or lotions.

Oily Skin

You may have enlarged pores and you may be prone to blackheads and breakouts due to the overproduction of the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands. You'll notice that the oiliest parts of your face is the “T-zone” area (forehead, nose, chin) while your cheeks and temples may feel dry.

Combination Skin

This is characterized by an oily “T-zone” area, which covers the forehead, nose and chin. The skin around the cheeks, eyes and mouth is normal or dry.

Sensitive Skin

This skin type is prone to react adversely to cosmetics containing alcohol, synthetically manufactured oil type ingredients, fragrance oils and artificial colors. Sensitive skin benefits greatly from natural, gentle, skincare products and treatments, including light steaming and some essential oils.

Skincare is as extensive as it is important. This very crucial first step of narrowing down your skin type saves you the trouble of investing in products that wouldn't be able to give you the absolute best benefits. To get the best bang for your buck, go for products that were formulated for your skin type. We believe that with something as personal as skincare, addressing everyone's individual needs can be a challenge, which is why we've come up with a fool-proof line of skincare essentials that are sure to soothe even the most problematic of skin types!

Our philosophy is simple: achieving beautiful skin and radiating confidence can be met with the most outstanding skin regimen. A good regimen is composed of all the essentials, which is what SKIN by John Robert Powers has cooked up for you.  Beautiful skin need not be difficult, especially when you have the best of the best in skincare waiting to nourish your skin.

For all the stunning ladies out there who have a little trouble keeping oil and shine at bay because of their dry, oily or combination skin, SKIN by John Robert Powers has toners specifically formulated to address those concerns. Supple and shine free? Yes, please!

For the women who have relatively normal, oily or sensitive skin, our line provides the same products which cater to your skin type as well. The added bonus of ultra-hydrating day and night creams help maintain your skin's youthful glow and elasticity, while working to prevent premature ageing.

With surefire tips like these and a to-die-for skincare line to boot, getting the most out of your skincare will be nothing short of easy peasy!



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