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One thing you should know by now: young-looking skin takes hard work! Jealous of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez who don’t age? JLo shared in an interview that she doesn’t consume soft drinks and makes sure she gets enough sleep every day (EVERY DAY!) to keep her skin from aging. Real talk: We all know how hard it is to maintain this kind of lifestyle yet this Latina hottie proves that simple habits can make a huge difference in your skin. Follow this list and you might just look as young as JLo from the block 10 or 20 years from now!


  1. Avoid sugar! Sugar is the real enemy.
  2. Sleep as much as you can!
  3. Go for tea in the morning. According to a study, it reduces wrinkles. Thanks to antioxidants.
  4. Water, water, water! It not only hydrates the body; it hydrates your skin, too.
  5. Moisturize regularly. Apply Soothing Day Cream before going out and apply Rejuvenating Night Cream before going to bed. Both creams are available at SKIN by John Robert Powers.
  6. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer on your neck area to prevent sagging in the future.
  7. Find your ultimate stress-reliever. If you can’t get away from too much work stress, find a new hobby or weekend activity that can make you forget your everyday worries.
  8. Go for pink puckers. Bold makeup usually adds years to our face, because it makes us look more mature. Try Pale Pink or Daily Beige Moisturizing Lip Color from SKIN by John Robert Powers.
  9. Surround yourself with positive people. Good vibes make you glow from inside-out!
  10. Less alcohol, please. Studies show that it dehydrates the skin, which leads to wrinkles and dry skin.
  11. Explore with haircuts! Sometimes cutting long layers of your locks cuts a few years from your face, too.
  12. Prioritize the teeth. White pearls = fresher-looking you!
  13. Enrich yourself with Vitamin E to prevent hair loss and to revitalize the skin.
  14. Wear sunscreen EVERY DAY!
  15. Go easy on your makeup. Less makeup maintains your skin’s natural moisturize and elasticity.



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